Tips to Create Content for Instagram Feed to attract Audience

To Instagram users, there are plenty of options when it comes to the range of content and products on offer. According to a Statista report, there were more than 25 million active profiles of businesses in 2017 on Instagram 2017, and the number has only been growing since that time. With the better choices available, Instagram users also have more control over their lives. Instead of buying on impulse or consumption, this user prefers to investigate thoroughly before engaging with brands or a content creator. This is why content creators and brands must offer quality to a demanding audience.

The user’s primary goal is to discover content that provides them with the most return on their investment (money or time) and some worth. In addition, they have acquired an appreciation of what authenticity is like. As the digital age is navigating the web of searching and researching, content creators offer something different. If content creators or brands wish to increase the share of market shares, search for fresh content. Since most consumers do extensive research before following your lead, content creators and brands should research their audiences. With the pertinent information on the interests and choices of consumers, they will be better able to offer them more relevant content.

If you’re in search of guidelines for revamping your content creation process to meet the preferences of the current Instagram users, You’ve come to the right spot. We’ll provide you with guidelines for creating your Instagram content and making a more appealing content feed over the following sections.

Tips for designing your Instagram content

Here are some suggestions that each content creator brand and Instagram-related business must consider when creating their posts, attracting free Instagram followers.


1. Define a focal point within the image

Your Instagram post to get your audience to take a moment and look at your content. First, you need to set the focal point of your image. If your concept comprises numerous elements, the image could seem cluttered and confusing to followers. If your design appears packed, people may switch to something different. To create an element of focus, it is possible to use substantial congruity, contrast, and isolation or even incorporate something unique.


2. Keep in mind the rule of thirds

You must break your picture into a nine-part grid following this manner. To apply the rule of three thirds, you must ensure that the most exciting image elements are aligned at the intersects of the parts. If you’d like to apply more creative techniques, you could align the image to include the focal point within one-third of the image.


3. White edges and borders

Another approach to creating distinctive Instagram posts is to ensure that there is a bit of white space left over the edges. This method can assist in making your post more appealing to your viewers. By using white edges along with the rule of thirds and by setting a focal point, you’ll be able to ensure your design features can breathe.


4. Balance and contrast

If you wish to make your post make a statement from the ocean of similar content, it is vital to incorporate contrasting elements. You can use the contrast between colours, fonts, scale forms, white spaces, light, and exposure. By balancing these various contrast elements, you’ll be able to ensure that your content pops out and draws viewers to engage in your content.


Tips to optimize your Instagram content

Once you’re well-versed in the fundamental design principles, it’s essential to consider how to improve your content feed. Here are some tips to increase the attention of your specific Instagram viewers.


1. Behind the scenes

It is possible to give viewers an overview of what goes behind the scenes while making content. Businesses using Instagram can use this technique to show their viewers their workplace or studio where the activity happens. This allows your followers to get to know them on a deeper level.


2. Reviews

There may be occasions when your followers send you an explicit message (DM) to praise you for your content or your company and brand. You could post photos of the same message on your feed or in a story. You may choose to erase the sender’s contact information to safeguard their privacy. This allows you to thank your followers and creates a brand image.


3. Helping to support social causes

If the Instagram viewers feel that you are helping the society, it certainly impacts the image of your business. It establishes you as an individual content creator or company who goes above and beyond to assist others.


4. Announcing a giveaway or a contest

If you’re looking to create some buzz on the platform and draw interest from Instagram people, then you should look into a giveaway contest. For this, all you have to do is make an instructional video explaining the rules for the contest, as well as pictures that will be awarded.


5. Present your products and services in the action

You can show the way that your products or services are working by using your posts If you run your own Instagram business. This can help in generating curiosity about your product or service. It is possible to show your own use of the product or service, or showcase one of your customers. This can ultimately aid in turning your followers to loyal customers.


6. Campaign for promotion

You could consider running an exclusive marketing campaign in which you offer special discounts and deals to Instagram users. It also draws the attention of Instagram followers. At the end, who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by a lot of love?


7. Seasonal content

If you are looking to capture the attention of viewers, it is important to create content in accordance with the time of year. If it’s the time of year for holidays it is good to think of holiday-themed posts. Additionally, you can modify content to coincide with holidays like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and so on.


8. How-to and tutorial posts

If you’d like to establish yourself by being an industry expert, in the eyes of the public and make it easier for them to find you, consider including instructions posts or brief tutorials in the content feed. In order to do this, it is possible to create videos of one minute, a carousel post or just an image that provides step-by-step directions.


9. Explainer videos

Another method to make yourself an authority within your area is to use explaining videos. They are one-minute videos through which you are able to offer advice and tips, describe how something functions, or provide some useful details.


10. User-generated content

The inclusion of users-generated content, including user-generated content in your Instar feed, can assist you to engage your followers and will also aid in the promotion of your page in the eyes of other followers. You can request the followers to post content relevant to your brand and mention your profile in your caption. It is also possible to encourage users to tag their acquaintances in the post to ensure that your profile is discovered by potential new followers too.


11. Review products

Review of products create an enormous amount of interest on the website. If you’re an expert in an area, you may post reviews about products. This content idea is an effective way to get the interest of Instagram users.


12. Events

One of the most effective methods to engage with your client is to host events, regardless of whether they’re offline or online. It is possible to host events through Instagram live, which could add to the content feed in the future. These events could also be as challenges. For example, if run a publishing company you could organize a “write-a-thon” that encourages users to post their content.


13. A preview of IGTV videos

Instagram’s IGTV feature on Instagram lets you post videos that are long-form content. However, the content is usually ignored by the younger audience. Since the platform operates with the aim of keeping the attention of viewers It would be beneficial to post the one-minute version of the lengthy IGTV video.


14. Repurpose content

When you post content on blogs or other social media platforms like Twitter YouTube, it is a good idea that you post your content to Instagram. You could reuse this content to attract new Instagram viewers.


15. Collaboration

Collaboration is a great method of exposing the content to a larger audience. The concept of cross-promotion is thought of as a win-win for all parties who is involved.


Final thoughts

With the help of the above tips and the techniques you’ve learned, you’ll be able to develop content that will surely attract the attention of the specific audience on Instagram. If you’re seeking to grow your audience on Instagram it is also possible to look into the free Instagram Followers program.



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